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“Today, I feel I can shout out who I am with pride and self-belief. “

– Quoted from a recent testimonial

  • Are you tired of feeling insecure, stressed or anxious?
  • Feeling like you’re not in control of your own life?
  • Have you got dreams and goals you would love to have the confidence to follow?
  • Are you sometimes uncomfortable being who you really are? Comparing yourself to others? Doubting yourself?
  • Do you find yourself overthinking and always imagining the worse?
  • Are you tired not being able to stand up for yourself? Afraid to take action?

I totally get you!


Join Now €33 Monthly Subscription


I’m Bernie Curd, a Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner, Author and Intuitive Healer and Coach.

Growing up I had no self-confidence and would get so embarrassed if someone spoke to me. If I was asked to do a presentation at work or talk in a group, I could feel the fear in my stomach and feel sick. I would say to myself ‘please don’t look at me or ask me anything as my mind will just go blank and I haven’t got anything to say that anyone wants to listen to anyway’

My life continued like this until April 2014, when I was invited to a psychic development class and loved it so much. It was as though a deep-rooted interest was awakened in me. I was then given some Angel cards as a gift and was instinctively reading them for friends and family.

In my heart, I always knew my calling was to help others but I had no idea how I could make this happen. Little did I know my gifts were being masked by my own self-doubt. In November 2014, I went to a holistic fair and had my cards read and received specific information that they had no way of knowing. I was asked if I was a Reiki Master (I had never even heard of Reiki) and was told within 18 months: ‘You will be a Reiki Master, have your own business and be reading cards for a living’.

Despite my painful shyness, my curiosity got the better of me and I learnt Reiki 1 in January 2015. The difference it made to my life was unbelievable. I had finally found my calling. Within a few weeks my confidence was sky high, I was even offering to do presentations at work and finally believing in myself. I felt unstoppable. I was even more empowered after learning Reiki 2 in April 2015 and then became a Reiki Master in April 2016.

In February 2015 I was made redundant at the age of 52. This unexpected event turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me. It was at this point I decided life is too short not to do something you love. So, I followed my dream and set up my own business. Breathe and Bloom was born in September 2015.


Join Now €33 Monthly Subscription


I thought I would lose my business in March 2020 when Covid 19 restrictions came in as I had never worked online and was petrified.

I knew I had to change the way I ran my business as I was unable to see clients here so had to take the bull by the horns and push myself completely out of my comfort zone and learn how to work online.

was petrified but kept thinking I have been through worse and if I can change my life around once than I can do it again.

I wrote my first book “Breathe and Bloom with Bernie” in April 2020 which is not only a 13week journal but an excellent manifestation tool to help you set goals, and steps to help you manifest what you would like to see in your life.

Now almost 6 years later, I have my own purpose-built therapy room beside my house so I can have a work/life balance. Breathe and Bloom has blossomed in a way I never thought possible. I now have various workshops online on self-confidence, find your life purpose, mindfulness, meditation, law of attraction, essential oils, crystals and angels to name a few.

I also make bespoke essential oil blends, working on the physical and emotional issues of each client using my intuition and gut instinct.


Join Now €33 Monthly Subscription


My life purpose is to inspire and empower others to become the best versions of themselves.

I want to support you in Transforming and Empowering yourself by giving you the tools, hints and tips I have used to become the person I am today.

You will have access to Kartra which is a learning platform where you will find information each month about Essential oils, Crystals, Angels and other Holistic Wellness practices.

Live sessions will be different each week and will consist of healing sessions with my Pendulum, Reading cards for guidance, Grounding, Holistic Wellness and so much more.

If you can’t make the sessions live the replays will be available to watch whenever it suits you in our Transform to Self-Empowerment Membership area.

I can’t wait to welcome you to this beautiful space for ‘kindred spirits’ to hang out and learn together.

Love Bernie x


So this was how I was when I met Bernie a short number of years ago at one of her workshops relating to self-care; Quiet, shy, introverted, scared of following my dreams, always doing things for others and no self-care. I can honestly say, I hardly recognize myself when I read back on this. Over time, I have joined Bernie’s various workshops and one to one sessions and of course read her remarkable self-help book ‘Breathe & Bloom with Bernie’ ..Today, I feel I can shout out who I am with pride and self-belief.

I feel able to have a voice, even argue and my fear of life in general has dissipated. I can now see my dreams and believe that they will manifest, as I am now open to them without fear. I have learnt that only I can heal my body of its idiosyncrasies and this and more are my ultimate goals for 2021. Watch this space as my journey of self-transformation continues with Bernie’s empowering guidance. ‘As Bernie says; ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ – Set your Soul on Fire’


I have been blessed to have met Bernie and have known her for a number of years now. I have attended her workshops and received some wonderful reiki treatments from her, including angel card readings and she has introduced me to the use of essential oils. To continue on my journey, I decided to enrol on Bernie’s “increase your confidence and change your mindset” course. It was exactly what I needed and she came to me and the right time.

I had become a little distant and complacent in my self-care of late. The course was exactly what I required to get me back on track and steer me in the right direction. The layout and ease of the course was excellent and was so doable and accessible especially with work and a young family. I didn’t get to the zoom meetings due to work but was able to catch up afterwards. You can work through it at your own pace and Bernie provides plenty of notes to read.


Bernie, and her fabulous business, Breath and Bloom, have been amazing to me and helped me with many situations thoughts and feelings, Bernie is very approachable, professional, kind genuine and a lovely lady, I felt like I could open up to Bernie about many things she made me feel very at easy and comfortable 100% a 5 star business love it!

Amy McEvoy

I found the workshops with a Bernie to be a breath of fresh air. I loved all four of the workshops but the first one on: How to manifest anything in 8 easy steps was my favourite. Bursting with helpful information that I have used since. I also loved the card reading that Bernie did. It’s like a little treat at the end of a great workshop. I have done Reiki with Bernie before which I absolutely loved!! I can’t wait to go back to her. I also have essential oils for sleep which I have found a god send and will be ordering more off her soon.

I would highly recommend Breathe & Bloom with Bernie to everyone. Bernie is a delight to listen to and definitely has a way with people. She is very calming and bubbly that you leave her workshop or reiki session feeling the exact same. Looking forward to my next Reiki session with you Bernie. Keep up the fantastic work that you are doing. From a very happy customer.

Christine Collins  

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