8 Week Transformation Package

To begin a transformation you must peel back the layers and start at the core

– if your looking for ultimate relaxation or feeling refreshed and rejuvenated my services offer that.

– Body aches, strains and ailments can also be greatly lessened after a session with me.

– Feelings of anxiety and stress are reduced

– My intuitive sessions really get to the root cause of what’s going on and I can then help guide and heal you through a variety of methods completely tailored to your needs

I will provide a soothing safe space with natural healing therapies, my own life experiences and training, with  tips and tools to help you to see things more clearly

and begin a healing process of releasing and letting go. You will  begin to easily say no to others and yes to you.

💥The Package

Life is a journey of ups and downs and challenging situations for all of us.

This package empowers you to connect with the deepest part of yourself as you reflect on your journey, take stock of what has gone and what has yet to come.

You will let go and release feelings of stress  pain and loss.

As your heart heals and you feel a sense of inner peace, joy and compassion for yourself, new ideas will begin to surface and you will begin to  contemplate new ways of doing things.

Ultimately discovering your true life purpose.

While learning to really accept love and understand the uniqueness of who you are along the way.

💥The Package

1 to 1 assessment and check in with ongoing support, to focus on what changes you need and want to make on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

4 Intuitive healing treatments enhanced with crystal and angelic energy to take you to a deep place of rest and inner serenity including channeled Angel messages.

Pendulum healing commands to clear any cords or attachments that are affecting your energy and holding you back from moving forward.

Chakra re-balancing to open you up to connect back in with your heart center and your soul essence. Find that person you are truly meant to be and your life purpose. Gain clarity on your next step.

Archangel Tarot Card Reading, Guidance for the next 12 months to encourage and help you fufil your dreams.

2 Bespoke Essential Oil Blends

Made specifically to support you physically and emotionally on your journey to creating the best you.

💥The Transformation

Peel back the layers and let go of grief and  past hurts.

Get clear on your life purpose finding it easier to say no to things that bring you down and allowing you to choose more of what lights you up and fulfills you on a deep level. Without the inner conflict and feelings of guilt.

Reconnect and find the real you again.

Prioritise your own needs with essential self care and self love and  become a stronger you.

Emerge and move forward with confidence, focus and clarity and feel lighter and free from all the excess you have been carrying around

💥Special offer €437💥

€55.00 weekly  investment in You!!!!

The package can also be delivered on zoom and with distance healing, if you live abroad

Contact me  on 0871300050 or send me a message if you would like to avail of this offer 😇

Love Bernie 💕

Payment plan available