Angel Workshop

Journey to the Angelic Realms: A 90-Minute Online Workshop

**Date:** Thursday, March 7th | **Time:** 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

As we navigate these transformative times, the universe is calling us towards higher states of being, filled with love, wisdom, and peace.

In response, a celestial legion of angels is reaching out to guide us, offering their support to help us release old patterns of negativity and embrace a radiant future of joy, love, and abundance.

Are you feeling the call to connect with this divine support?

**Discover the Celestial Sanctuary: A 90-Minute Online Workshop**

Join Bernie for a soul-stirring online gathering that bridges the celestial with the terrestrial. This workshop is a unique opportunity to:

**Unlock the Mysteries of the Archangels:**

Delve into the fascinating world of four Archangels, uncovering their distinctive energies and how they can illuminate your life with guidance and support.

**Awaken Your Spiritual Intuition:**

Embark on an exploration of the four Clairs—clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. This segment aims to enhance your innate intuitive abilities, deepening your connection to the divine.

**Aromatherapy for Angelic Attunement:**

Discover essential oils that resonate with angelic frequencies, designed to enrich your spiritual practice and elevate your vibrational essence.

**Receive Personal Angelic Insights:**

Experience the profound wisdom of the angels through an individual angel card reading, offering personalized guidance to light your spiritual journey.

**Your Angelic Adventure Awaits:**

This transformative session will unfold on Zoom, featuring:

  • A heart-opening guided meditation connecting you to the angelic realms.
  • A digital resource pack, yours to keep for ongoing spiritual enrichment.
  • Access to a workshop replay, ensuring no one misses out on this celestial encounter.

**Limited-Time Offer:**

💥Early Angelic Rate: Just €19💥 if you book by March 4th. After this date, the investment increases to €25.

Seize this exceptional opportunity to expand your spiritual horizons and align with the angelic guidance that seeks to elevate and inspire you.

Don’t let this divine invitation slip through your fingers. Claim your place in this heavenly workshop and navigate your spiritual journey with angels as your guides and intuition as your compass.

**To embark on this journey of enlightenment and peace, secure your spot today.