Essential Oils

Over the last couple of years essential oils have been growing in popularity in how families manage their health, emotions and well-being naturally.

At Breathe and Bloom doTerra essential oils are used in many of the therapies offered, as they have a positive impact on clients moods and emotions.

I use essential oils daily in my own family life and they are now naturally the first thing I reach for when I have unmet emotional or physical need.

When I make a bespoke roller-ball blend with essential oils I use my intuition and gut instinct to make an individual blend using the details I have received and work on the physical and emotional needs of the client as no two people are the same.

I also sometimes use my pendulum to confirm my gut instinct is correct with the oils and the amount of drops I need to use.

The reviews I have had are amazing and I have a lot of regular clients who are repeat buyers.

I must make it clear that this is a homeopathic remedy and has not been evaluated by the FDA. I make no claims that my item can “cure” a specific disease or ailment.

If you have a medical condition and are taking any medication or undergoing any type of medical treatment you should check with your health care provider before use.

Bespoke Essential Oil Blends

The majority of the essential oil blends I make are bespoke and therefore made for each individual client depending on their own circumstances.

I have ready made blends that are bought regularly for the following symptoms.  Alternatively, I can make something that I feel will support you with what ever is going on in your life at the moment.


Sleep Support


Pain Management


All  my blends are currently €22 which includes postage to anywhere in Ireland.

You can make payment to

Bernie made a roll on for my son to help him calm at bedtimes and deal with some separation anxiety, it has helped so much.

I forgot to use his roll on this morning and he reminded me as he didn’t want to go to preschool without it, she knew exactly what he needed in there and it has made life so much more relaxed between us already.

Amanda D.

Thanks so much Bernie for the fabulous oils I got from you for my daughter.

My daughter has autism and has been on medication for years as she doesn’t sleep without it.

However lately it hasn’t been working properly and she was awake most night for a few hours in the middle of the night.

A friend recommended your oils to my fiancé and since I started using it on my daughter she has slept soundly and right through the night ever since.

Thank you again so much!!

Caroline M.

I have being using the frankincense and deep blue essential oil blend made up by Bernie in a roller ball bottle.

This oil is absolutely fantastic for easing pain and loosening up tight muscles.

I suffer with lower back pain and stiffness in my knees.

The oil soaks in easily smells amazing and gives instant relief.

Love using it and can reduce pain medication.

thanks Bernie.

Grainne Nolan

Love my stress less rollerball of wild orange frankincense and lavender!

Even sleepless nights with a puppy have been no issue.

Bernie knows just what will work for you.

Super quick delivery and professional service. Highly recommend.

Sarah L.

I cannot recommend Bernie highly enough!!!!

I contacted Bernie addressing my sons sleep pattern which had become very broken and irregular waking up to four times a night.

Bernie suggested oils which I arranged to collect in the following days.

I collected the oils thinking it was worth a go but not fully confident would it work.

From the first night of applying the oil to my sons feet before bed I seen a difference..not only did he sleep all night, he woke a more relaxed and contented child in the morning.

I am a mother of four boys under six and now apply the oils every night to all of my sons feet and as a result our house has returned to a normal sleeping routine.

Long may it continue…thank you Bernie!!

Michelle C.

I had issue with tissue inflammation in my breast.

I was sent for the round of tests just to make sure. My second stop was Bernie for a roller ball blend.

I was in so much discomfort it was keeping me awake at night.

Within hours I felt relief and pain at manageable level. Used it throughout the day as needed and kept pain at bay.

Thankfully all tests came back clear and roller ball has diminished pain.

I am confident I made the right choice. Bernie is not a doctor but the blends are natural oils if like me you don’t fancy pill popping give them a go.

Thank you Bernie.

Debbie M.