Pendulum Workshop

Join me at Breathe and Bloom for an engaging and interactive pendulum workshop, where we’ll explore the depths of using the pendulum for chakra clearing and balancing.

Designed for both beginners and those already familiar with the pendulum, this workshop offers a hands-on approach to mastering its use for guidance, healing, and personal growth.

**What You’ll Discover:**

  • Techniques to unblock and balance your own chakras, as well as those of other participants.
  • Practical applications of the pendulum in goal setting and manifesting your desires.
  • How to confidently use the pendulum for more than just yes/no answers, extending its use to healing.

**Workshop Highlights:**

  • **Transformative Experiences:** Past participants have shared their journey of growth, from clarifying doubts to gaining confidence in using the pendulum for both dowsing and healing.
  • **Interactive Learning:** Experience live practice sessions where you’ll act as both healer and client, enhancing your skills in a supportive group setting at Breathe and Bloom.
  • **Expert Guidance:** Benefit from Bernie’s insightful, encouraging, and hands-on coaching.
  • **Exclusive Pendulum Offer:** For those in need of a pendulum, we offer specially crafted Isis 9 metal pendulums, infused with Reiki and Angelic energy for €25—perfect for healing and intuitive guidance.

**Workshop Details:**

  • **Location:** Breathe and Bloom
  • **Date:** Saturday, April 6th
  • **Time:** 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM
  • **Investment:** €55 (includes refreshments)
  • **Booking:** Essential to ensure personalized attention (maximum of 6 participants)
  • **Deposit:** A €25 deposit is required to secure your spot, payable via

Embark on this empowering journey at Breathe and Bloom, enhancing your pendulum skills for personal wellness and healing. Secure your place today and unlock the full potential of pendulum healing in a fun and supportive environment!