Our Healing Services at Breathe and Bloom

**Welcome to Your Path of Healing and Discovery**

At Breathe and Bloom, we’re committed to guiding you toward a deeper connection with your inner self, the universe, and the harmonious balance of your body, mind, and spirit.

Explore our diverse range of services designed to nurture, heal, and empower.

Reiki Healing – €70

Experience the transformative energy of Reiki. This ancient practice promotes healing, relaxation, and stress reduction, aiming to balance your energy centers and foster inner peace.

Healing Sessions – €70 to €90

Tailored to your unique needs, our Healing Sessions offer a personalized approach to wellness.

Dive into emotional release, energy balance, or spiritual insight with a blend of holistic practices chosen just for you.

Akashic Records Reading – €111

Discover the secrets of your soul with an Akashic Records reading. Access insights into your life’s purpose, relationships, and spiritual growth through the cosmic library of your experiences.

Akashic Property Clearance – €80

Transform your space with an Akashic Property Clearance, designed to cleanse your property’s energetic records. Create a sanctuary of positive energy and peace in your living or working environment.

Bespoke Essential Oil Blends – €18 to €22

Enhance your daily rituals with custom-blended essential oils. Crafted to support your emotional and physical wellbeing, these blends uplift and aid in your healing journey.

Wisdom Within Monthly Membership Group – €19 per month

Join our exclusive membership community for ongoing support and inspiration. The Wisdom Within Monthly Membership Group offers:

**Exclusive Access:** Monthly themes focused on deepening your spiritual practice, including guided meditations, live Q&As, and member-only resources.

**Community Connection:** Engage with a supportive network of like-minded individuals, sharing your journey and learning from each other.

**Special Offers:** Members receive discounts on services, products and workshops, enhancing your journey with Breathe and Bloom.

Pendulum Healing Course – €111 (with Lifetime Access)

Dive deep into the art of pendulum healing with our comprehensive online course. This course offers you lifetime access to:

**Foundational Knowledge:** Learn everything from selecting and cleansing your pendulum to programming it for various uses.

**Advanced Techniques:** Explore in-depth healing practices, energy diagnostics, and integrating pendulum work into your spiritual routine.

**Practical Application:** Engage with exercises and guided practices designed to build your confidence and proficiency in pendulum healing.

Why Choose Breathe and Bloom?

Guided by Bernie Curd, Breathe and Bloom is a sanctuary for those seeking holistic healing and spiritual growth.

With a unique blend of services, courses, and community support, we’re here to empower your journey to wellness and enlightenment.

Begin Your Healing Journey Today

Whether you’re drawn to individual healing sessions, the community support of our membership group, or the in-depth learning of our courses, Breathe and Bloom welcomes you.

Reach out to embark on your path of discovery, healing, and empowerment.