‘Sometimes, it’s hard to understand Reiki and how it works until you have experienced the beautiful healing powerfulness of it yourself. It’s perhaps even more challenging to accept that Reiki can also be experienced from afar with significant distance of miles and miles.

Well yes, I have experienced this with Bernie from Breathe & Bloom on 3 occasions. My most recent encounter was with recovering leg swelling that I had worsened myself through overworking and travelling to a higher altitude. In enacting safe distancing during this time, I asked Bernie for her healing. This was very successfully and easily undertaken through video messenger.

During the session, Bernie used her pendulum which was frantically swirling round and round as my chakras were unblocked and emotional pain released. I clearly felt the energy in my chest and this spontaneously led to me inhaling and exhaling deeply, of which I had no control over and just went with it.

My eyes also felt heavy and were inclined to close, even though I wanted to watch Bernie. Then I felt a heavy sensation in my right lower leg which cleared within a short while. I had a slight headache afterwards which can sometimes happen as toxins are being cleared. And I slept for up to an hour also thereafter.

My only wish was that I had taken a photograph of my leg swelling before and after. There was clearly a much improved appearance with returned softness to my thigh and lower leg that was previously firm with fluid. As normal with Reiki, I passed much more urine this day also’. What can I say; my experience speaks for itself’. 

Marie M

Bernie I have to tell you & all, that the Sleep blend Rollerball we’ve been using is amazing! Every time I use it on my temples wrists & heart I have a full nights sleep. I do forget the odd night but sleeping through before the blend was a rare occasion for me!

My husband is finding it brilliant also as his mind doesn’t shut down at night & he’s so much more restful. I’ll be ordering another soon as the boys are using it too. Thank you so much Bernie

Chloe D

Have to say a Huge huge Thank you to Bernie. I messaged her about my 10yr old who had difficulty getting to sleep. She sent me a remedy in a rollerball… and happy days… asleep every night bar 1.., that’s cos we forgot to use it. No more lying on the bed with her at 11 and 12pm at night to try and get her to sleep. Delighted.
Anna B

Bernie made a roll on for my son to help him calm at bedtimes and deal with some separation anxiety, it has helped so much, I forgot to use his roll on this morning and he reminded me as he didn’t want to go to preschool without it, she knew exactly what he needed in there and it has made life so much more relaxed between us
Amanda D

Contacted Bernie as I had multiple issues. The blend of oils Bernie used helped my symptoms dramatically and especially my feet at night time. Would highly recommend anyone to contact Bernie for her expertise and knowledge to help with your symptoms. Thank you Bernie
Margaret C

Thanks so much Bernie for the fabulous oils I got from you for my daughter. My daughter has autism and has been on medication for years as she doesn’t sleep without it. However lately it hasn’t been working properly and she was awake most night for a few hours in the middle of the night. A friend recommended your oils to my fiancé and since I started using it on my daughter she has slept soundly and right through the night ever since. Thank you again so much!!
Alexa M

I can’t thank Bernie enough for her advice on the oils she provides. I have been using three of her oils on my young children. The Breathe oil has really helped my little girl who suffers from chest infections. I have been using her sleep oil and teething oil on my one year old and thankfully we have lots of restful nights since starting to use them. They are miracle oils!
Bernie M