Healing is a uniquely personal journey, often described as an energy exchange or supportive connection between the healer and the recipient. It facilitates self-healing by helping the body to relax, release stored emotions, tensions, and traumas, paving the way for the individual’s healing process to begin.

In my practice, each healing session is customized to meet the individual’s specific needs. By tuning into each person, I determine the most effective combination of techniques to employ, understanding that this blend will differ from one individual to the next.

The primary aim of my work is to support you in your healing process, helping you become the best version of yourself as you navigate your path.

For more details on the healing modalities I use or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

With love,

Bernie x

Modalities I use

At Breathe and Bloom, we embrace a diverse range of healing modalities to support your journey towards wellness and self-discovery. Each session is crafted to meet your unique needs, drawing from a variety of practices.

These modalities are integral to our approach at Breathe and Bloom, facilitating deep connections with the spiritual realm and offering transformative insights and guidance tailored to your unique path:

**Reiki:** This Japanese form of energy healing works by channeling universal life energy (Rei-Ki) to support relaxation, reduce stress, and promote healing across physical, mental, and emotional levels. Reiki sessions offer a gentle, non-invasive way to facilitate wellness, independent of any religious beliefs or practices.

**Pendulum Healing:** Utilizing the subtle movements of a pendulum, this technique identifies and clears energetic blockages within the body’s energy field. Pendulum healing can complement traditional healthcare, aiding in physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through energy clearing, chakra balancing, and aura cleansing.

**Oracle and Angel Cards:** These divination tools offer guidance and insight for life’s questions, with each card bearing messages and symbols relevant to aspects like relationships, career, and spirituality. Drawn randomly, the cards’ meanings are interpreted intuitively to provide clarity and inspiration.

**Belief Clearing:** This transformative process targets limiting beliefs that hinder personal achievement and satisfaction. By uncovering the roots of these beliefs—often embedded in early experiences or cultural norms—we work to release them, replacing limiting patterns with empowering perspectives to support a more fulfilling life.

**Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET):** IET sessions harness angelic energy to address the “issues in your tissues,” releasing energy patterns from the past, empowering the present, and encouraging a positive future. This gentle yet powerful method focuses on the cellular memory and energy field for holistic healing.

**Colour Healing (Chromotherapy):** Chromotherapy uses the vibrational power of colours to heal and harmonize the body and mind. Each colour’s frequency is aligned with the body’s chakras to support various functions, from the immune system (red for the root chakra) to communication (blue for the throat chakra), through light therapy, coloured crystals, clothing, and visualizations.

**Accessing the Akashic Records:** Explore the depths of your soul through the Akashic Records, a metaphysical compendium of every soul’s journey across lifetimes. This vast, energetic archive, existing beyond the physical realm, can be navigated via meditation, pendulum work, or other spiritual techniques. Here, you’ll find insights into your soul’s purpose, innate gifts, and potential obstacles, guiding you on a path of enlightenment and growth.

**Channelling:** Engage in a profound connection with the divine through channeling, a practice where individuals become mediums for higher-level beings, such as angels, spirit guides, or ascended masters.

This process often involves reaching a meditative or trance-like state, allowing for the reception of messages, guidance, and wisdom. Channeling can manifest spontaneously or through intentional practices like automatic writing, serving as a powerful means for spiritual development, healing, and personal transformation.