10ml Uplifted Essential Oil Blend

*Uplifted: A Symphony of Emotional and Spiritual Rejuvenation, Infused with Reiki Healing and Angelic Guidance*

Embrace Emotional Rejuvenation:


Elevate your spirits with the vibrant energy and joy of Lime, uplifting your mood and dissolving feelings of sadness or fatigue.


Experience the soothing embrace of Geranium, which promotes emotional stability, alleviates anxiety, and ushers in waves of inner peace and healing.

Ylang Ylang:

Shed the weight of negative emotions with Ylang Ylang, fostering a nurturing environment for love, joy, and inner child healing.

*Discover Spiritual Renewal:*


Refresh your aura with Lime, infusing your spirit with renewed energy and inspiring an open heart and zest for life.


Harmonize your heart chakra with Geranium, promoting emotional honesty, spiritual trust, and balanced energy.

Ylang Ylang:

Connect deeply with your inner child through Ylang Ylang, facilitating spiritual growth and an open heart to love and joy.

**Introducing ‘Uplifted’:**

Crafted with care, ‘Uplifted’ is a blend that transcends the ordinary, infused with the power of Reiki healing and guided by angelic wisdom.

It’s designed to elevate your emotional state, enhance your spiritual well-being, and invite a profound sense of joy and harmony into your life.

Every drop is charged with healing energy and divine guidance, offering a unique pathway to emotional clarity and spiritual enlightenment.

**Elevate Your Essence with ‘Uplifted’:**

More than just a blend, ‘Uplifted’ is a beacon of light, offering joy, love, and harmony, supported by the nurturing touch of Reiki and the gentle guidance of angels.

It transforms your environment into a sanctuary of positive energy and your heart into a bastion of peace.

Embrace ‘Uplifted’ and allow yourself to be carried on a journey of rediscovery, healing, and profound joy.