5ml Wild Orange

5ml Wild Orange: A Burst of Joy 

Dive into the vibrant, refreshing aroma of our 5ml Wild Orange essential oil, a scent that not only delights the senses but also serves as a powerful tool for nurturing abundance in all facets of life.

Known as the oil of Abundance, Wild Orange carries with it an array of health benefits and an invigorating aroma that promises to elevate both mind and body.

Wild Orange is a versatile ally in addressing emotional wellbeing, encouraging an overflow of creativity, positivity, and vitality.

It stands as a beacon of support during times of transition, recharging your physical energy, and guiding you towards a more fulfilling, joyful existence.

Embrace the essence of Wild Orange to invite playfulness, fun, and the uninhibited spirit of your inner child into your daily routine.

**Creative Ways to Enjoy Wild Orange:**

**Energizing Aroma Clasp:**

Place a drop of Wild Orange on your palms, rub them gently, and hold near your mouth and nose.

Take deep breaths to invigorate your spirit and ease stress.

**Confidence Boost:**

Apply directly to the solar plexus and lower abdomen to dispel self-doubt, especially before challenging situations.

**Joyful Showers:**

Infuse your shower with joy by adding a few drops to the corners, creating a fragrant steam that uplifts your emotions.

**DIY Natural Body Lotion:**

Blend 4 drops with coconut oil for a homemade body lotion that leaves your skin smooth, nourished, and delicately scented.

Wild Orange is not just an essential oil; it’s a journey back to joy, creativity, and boundless energy. Let every drop be a step towards embracing the abundance of life.