Silver Karnak Pendulum

Discover the Transformative Power of the Silver Karnak Pendulum from Breathe and Bloom
Unleash your intuitive potential with our Silver Karnak Pendulum, meticulously crafted to connect you with your Higher Self and amplify your intuitive abilities.
In the fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose touch with our innate wisdom due to the distractions of daily life and material concerns. The Silver Karnak Pendulum serves as a vital tool to rekindle your intrinsic intuitive powers.
Functioning both as a sensitive receiver and a potent emitter, this pendulum is perfect for discerning personal truths and enhancing spiritual practices.
Whether you’re questioning if a remedy is right for you or utilizing it in healing practices like colour therapy or reiki, the Silver Karnak Pendulum is versatile and powerful.
Each pendulum is not only charged with Reiki energy but also blessed with Angelic Guidance, enhancing its healing capabilities and ensuring that it resonates with high vibrational energy.
For your convenience and to maintain its purity, the Silver Karnak Pendulum comes beautifully packaged in a silk pouch.
Embrace the journey towards deeper spiritual awareness and holistic wellness with this exquisite tool, designed for those who seek to live a life of enriched health and heightened intuition.