5 Intuition enhancing Crystals

5 Intuition enhancing crystals to ‘up’ your psychic awareness


I love working with crystals and use them every day in my therapies at Breathe and Bloom.

I read this article recently in my Soul and Spirit magazine written by Gemma Petherbridge and found it really interesting and hope you do too!!






The perfect stone when you are starting to develop your psychic skills. Use it to de-stress and calm the mind so that psychic messages can come through.

Open your third eye by lying down and place an amethyst on your forehead every day for a few minutes. Place clear quartz around the stone (with points facing in) to direct even more energy towards your third eye.







Once you are receiving messages, the next step is to learn to interpret what you are receiving. Look for a fluorite tumble stone in your local crystal shop (I get mine from Floradale in Carrick) that includes both purples and blues which creates a link from the third eye chakra to the throat chakra.

This link helps you receive a psychic message and translates it so you can communicate its meaning.







Kyanite will help release any blocks which could be preventing the further growth of your skills. It then prepares you to receive greater amounts of information.

This stone will also connect you to your spirit guide who can show you different ways to use your psychic abilities.

Wear this crystal or place one on your bedside table to open you up to messages received in your sleep.






Opening your crown chakra, situated just above our head, clear or smoky quartz is also important for psychic work. When open, it has a direct connection to the spirit world.

This is a high vibe, seventh chakra crystal, which is perfect at opening this light channel.

Lie down and place it an inch above your head for 15 minutes whilst you focus on your breath, repeating once a month






In my experience, black tourmaline is the best stone for reconnecting us. Wearing black tourmaline whilst you are practising psychic work will also keep away any negative energy. Place a stone in the four corners of the room where you practise so that only positive and useful energy is allowed into the space

Love Bernie

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