Sensitive Soul Essential Oil Blend

Embrace the nurturing embrace of our Sensitive Soul Blend, a sanctuary in a bottle, lovingly created under the protective wings of Archangel Michael. This exquisite blend is a haven for empaths, offering grounding and shielding through a carefully curated symphony of essential oils:

  • **Vetiver:** Anchors you deeply, providing calm and stability for emotional equilibrium.
  • **Frankincense:** Elevates spiritual awareness, fostering peace within.
  • **Patchouli:** Balances emotions, anchoring the spirit.
  • **Rosemary:** Clarifies the mind, invigorating thoughts.
  • **Rose:** Comforts the heart, easing emotional waves.
  • **Geranium:** Harmonizes emotions, dispelling anxiety with its gentle touch.

**Empowering Journeys:**

Our clients have shared heartening stories of transformation and peace:

  • A mother found the Sensitive Soul blend indispensable for her daughter with ADHD, noting how it introduced tranquility and positivity into their mornings.
  • Another client witnessed her sister, burdened by anxiety and the demands of academia, find solace and diminished stress through this blend, changing her life for the better.

These testimonials highlight the blend’s profound impact, not just in soothing the individual but in enhancing the overall atmosphere of their homes.

**Infused with Healing Energy:**

Each 10ml rollerball transcends mere essential oils; it is an alchemy of nature’s magic, Reiki healing, and heartfelt blessings from Bernie.

It’s more than an oil; it’s a companion for those days that demand a bit more courage and for moments craving tranquility.

**A Companion for Harmony:**

The Sensitive Soul Blend is more than just an oil; it’s a journey towards balance and serenity.

Perfect for those seeking solace in the chaos of daily life or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one who cherishes deep, internal peace.

Dive into the embrace of the Sensitive Soul Blend and let it guide you to a place of calm, grounded protection.

Discover the gentle support it offers and share the gift of peace and balance with those you hold dear.