Spiritual Clearing Techniques for Empaths and Sensitive People

Energy Clearing Techniques

You cannot change the fact that you are an empath. This is how you are made at soul level and you cannot change this spiritual gift. Being an empath is who you are and you are here to learn how to use your empathic gift as a powerful tool for manifestation and self-transformation.

Here are some useful spiritual clearing techniques that I use myself as an empath and that I recommend to my clients:

Cutting the Cords

This is a very important task that empaths need to become very skilful at. Because you are so good at relationships and people love you, they also take your energy away from you because your energy feels so good, healing and loving. This happens because you allowed it without knowing.

Past and present connections or etheric cords with family members, friends, and lovers can still be present even after the relationship is over. It’s time to cut the cords!

To cut cords, simply think of the person with which you have had a relationship and visualize the cord being cut. Bless the person and say the following: “I now release you in love and light” There are more advanced techniques on how to cut cords, but this simple method is as effective. My opinion is that the more we want to complicate things, the more things get complicated. It’s up to you! My advice

For example, before falling asleep each night, ask yourself: “Do I have any attachments or cords with anyone that I met today?” If you find something, release it and bless it.

Check back a few days later to make sure that the cord has been released. If you are not sure or feel that the cord is still there, get professional help. I often find cords connected to one of the chakras or attached to the energy field.

I support many people at Breathe and Bloom with healing sessions were I do re-balancing of their chakras and energy healing as one of my therapies.

Love Bernie

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